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Joo Ji Hoon is LOVE

Sexy, Hott, Sweet, Geeky

Joo Ji Hoon Love
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A Community For those who LOVE Joo Ji-Hoon/Ju Ji-Hoon/Ju Ji-Hun/주지훈

info on Joo Ji-Hoon~
+ Real Name: Joo Young-hoon
+ Stage Name: Joo Ji-Hoon
+ Birthdate: May 16, 1982
+ Height: 187 cm; Weight: 68 kg
+ Hobbies: Gaming, basketball, swimming
+ Talents: Speed-reading, singing, dancing, self-defense
+ School: Dong Won University (e-Business major), Kyung Kee University
+ Award: Best Dresser Model Award (2005)
+ TV Work: TV- Goong (1-2) [Palace] (2006 & 2007)
+ Modelling: Calvin Klein, CF- SKT, Cass Beer, IBM, LEVI's, POLO, Reebok, Cyworld, KTF, Sshil On-line game, OB Lageo Deung.
+ Modelling Debut: 2003
+ Acting Debut: 2006
+ Type of Girl: "healthy", not super skinny, funny, fun, short because he is really tall
+ How he got Tall: stretched upward everyday helped

*layout and icon= dinadorama

Please read

-this community is dedicated to hott Joo Ji-Hoon
-all pictures of him are welcomed, but if the image is large (if it's larger or the same size than, the welcome pic up ^ there, then it's large) and there is more then 3, it must be lj-cut (if u don't know how to lj-cut click here)
-icons/requests are of course welcomed
-colorbars and wallpapers and layouts are also very much welcomed
-advertising other communities is okay, but keep it small, if it gets out of hand i'm not gonna allow it
-once you join, please don't just forget about us, post a pic once in a while

-do not critizes other members opinions
*first time- warning
*second time- banned
-most importantly, critizing Joo Ji-Hoon is not welcomed either, if you do NOT like him, please do not join or comment, this is an FAN community, you will be banned immediatly, be respectful please
-if you annoy/attack someone in this community, you will either be warned or banned
-we want this community to be a FRIENDLY place

please follow all the rules

This community is owned by: anime_loverx129

Moderators: anime_loverx129 / blurrain / crystal_drops / gingerjuice

if you have any questions or problems e-mail me (jane): angelx129@aol.com
or AIM: babygurlx129

New Members

this is not a requirement, but i thought it'll be good to get new members started
copy and paste this to your first post

+favorite pic of Ji-Hoon: (paste pic here)

+what state you live in:
+your site address:
+about your site:
+your hobby(s):
+what you love about Joo Ji-Hoon:
+how you learned about Joo Ji-Hoon:
+how you heard about this community:

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Joo Ji Hoon's Smile Is Love
Created by: anime_loverx129

if you would like to see more, go to "memories" and click "link banners"
if u don't know how to link click here

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do you have a community or a site that you would like to promote??
let us know!

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