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10 March 2009 @ 09:21 pm
Not sure if this is allowed, if it's not please delete mods. |D

020 ❖ Boys Before Flowers
015 ❖ Goong Imperial Palace
010 ❖ Antique Bakery
005 ❖ Bride of the Water God
010 ❖ Vampire Knight

Total: 60.

More @ shingetsuu
23 January 2009 @ 07:16 pm

♥ Favorite pic of Joo Ji Hoon:

Him, with his unshaved stubbles, oh~ isn't he charming?
Name: Shee

Age: I was born in the year of Tiger, 1986. So - I'll be turning 23 this year.

State: BSB, Brunei.

Site address: Click Me!

About your site: Daily ramblings about personal rants to wonderful fangirling! Site is written in both English and Malay language. At some moments, you may or may not understand the language. But if you think you can read English, there you go! But if you understand Malay too, that'd be a good news! *peace*

Hobby: Fangirling - to the extent of being a professional daydreamer! huhu.

What I love about Ji Hoon: He is my hubby, lol~ why I shouldn't love him, eyh? He might get mad at me for goodness sake if I don't love him! lol. *wink* Ok, frankly speaking, I love everything about him. But what I love the most about him is the fact that he is so charming and simply irresistible. I love his oh-he-made-me-melt smiles and the way he squints. kyaaa~ he left me speechless.

How you learned about Ji Hoon: My first encounter with him is this year, few weeks ago. Oops! I know, I'm late. People started to love him already since 2006, am I right?  But it's better late than never, right?  Well, I had been ignorant with my Korean wonderland since I stucked in my J-wonderland few months ago. But now, when I'm back.. I met him. My sister asked me to watch Princess Hours/Goong. All this while, I really want to watch this series, but I never had my chance.. so here I am, I did watch it. I finished the whole series in 3 days! Now, I'm in the state of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Huhu~ oops, did I talk too much? I did, right? haha! Bear with me, people! ;)

How you heard about this community: Effect of JJH's withdrawal symptoms! Ever since I finished watching Goong, everyday I googled about him on the net and read old articles of what I might had missed in these 2 years! So far, I'm doing well catching up with him! ;) And last night, I found this community! I was so happppy~ *jumping up and down* with this site, I really hope I could cure the withdrawal symptoms! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

Ok, I'll stop here then. I wish I could talk more. But you people might get bored if I don't stop talking.

And I'll add this - who knows one day, JJH might stumbled upon this community. My dedication to him.

My dedication to JJH: *background music Ne-Yo's Because of You*

And I know this much is true
Baby, you have become my addiction
I'm so strung out I can barely move
But I like it and it's all because of you...

Ja Ne~ \\^________^//
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22 January 2009 @ 12:41 pm
Favorite pic of Joo Ji Hoon

+name: Corissa
+age: 20
+what state you live in: Iowa
+your site address: -/-
+about your site: -/-
+your hobby(s): Cosplaying, reading, music
+what you love about Joo Ji-Hoon: His smile
+how you learned about Joo Ji-Hoon: Like a lot of people, through Goong.
+how you heard about this community: Random searching of LJ
22 January 2009 @ 03:02 am
+favorite pic of Ji-Hoon:

+name: Carolina
+age: 15
+what state you live in: Oh, I live in Brazil :~
+your site address: ?
+about your site: ?
+your hobby(s): Watch TV, read, etc...
+what you love about Joo Ji-Hoon: when his laugh/smile
+how you learned about Joo Ji-Hoon: watching Goong/Princess Hours
+how you heard about this community: searching "goong" in LJ
07 January 2009 @ 12:05 am
heya gurls.

i watched KBSW last nite, the this talkshow, i really culdnt be sure the name of the show as i tune in at the end. But the main point is.... the INTERVIEWEE is JJH for some new drama. from what i understand its called Kitchen. Any one know about this? share with me the info yahhh....

thanks a lot~!
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24 December 2008 @ 12:51 pm
+favorite pic of Ji-Hoon:

+name: Lily
+age: 22
+what state you live in: France ?
+your site address: asian-waves.blogspot.com/
+about your site: More about asian music than anything
+your hobby(s): Reading, watching dramas, movies, Photoshopping...
+what you love about Joo Ji-Hoon: Let say everything (^_^)
+how you learned about Joo Ji-Hoon: Through Goong
+how you heard about this community: Surfing on the web
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01 October 2008 @ 11:50 pm
 +name: Natsuki
+age: 18
+what state you live in: Puerto Rico
+your site address: natsu_k_o_i @lj
+about your site: just personal journal
+your hobby(s): watching dramas, Singing and dancing
+what you love about Joo Ji-Hoon: Everything really. He's a great actor
+how you learned about Joo Ji-Hoon: I learned about him when I first watched Goong
+how you heard about this community: saw it on the goong comm profile
23 August 2008 @ 09:59 pm


a very sudden and shocking news spread in the cyberspace to those who knew PARK SANG MIN aka EON! early morning of August 21, the death of actor/model EON hits the korean entertainment industry.....

though im not an eon fan demo, ive known him as one of oppa jihun's best bud and yeh's friend as well!

i thought it was just a prank or a lame joke, but i've browse AF news and dramabeans, popseoul, the headline was all over them about eon's motorcycle accident.

family are in the state of denial upon hearing the news... i'll bet it was really painful to loss someone so dear to you, and the fact that he loss so sunndenly.. one minute he's happy and after a few minutes he's gone....

its the funeral today of eon .... jjh best bud and yeh's friend as well. i'm not  an avid eon fan but i simply adore his works in the k-ent industry, i love him in coffee prince and watched him in who are you!

i think that eon was had a premonition in his mini homepage, cause he posted
an image with the title 'Too Early To Die', last july....
who would have thought that it will be his title when remembered...

2 days ago, out of nowhere, i've watched oppa's modelling vids wherein eon was there, and told my niece that is eon..oppa's best bud!!.. weird... why did i suddenly have told that to my niece......


last night i have some weird thoughts about him and the motorcycle...
it seems like motorcycle really have significance in eon's life....
first.... oppa had motorcycle accident in mawang wrap up party,
in coffee prince... yeh was always riding a motorcycle bike, which... i've remebered before.. got injured while riding on it...
and in his Who are you, the series tackles about the accident in motorcycle.....

i dunno if these post was going somewhere but... i really can't help but think of these things.....

eon, you will always be remembered, thanks for making me happy while watching you in the series you were with and being friends to oppa and yeh!!

the funeral will be at 4am korea time!
maybe the family choose this time to avoid the media carnival.. for the last glimpse of eon.... and for privacy of course!

may your soul be at peace and find the eternity of happiness!

i snagged this from jihun soompi thread,

credit to rebby and maggie

Nov.21, 2007

(19th)'s YSMM program
when EON first joined modeling, he had to shed 30kg, it was very tough for him
when he first went to seoul from pusan, he had no money
and he couldn't afford even a simple apartment of his own
oppa took him in and EON stayed with him for half a year
EOn also borrowed money from oppa and ever lived by with only 20,000 every month...

waahhh and i've cried upon reading this again!!
it must be really painful for oppa and eon's family,


thanks for the fun filled memories!


10 August 2008 @ 05:14 pm
+name: Iruka
+age: 16
+what state you live in: Selangor, Malaysia.
+your site address: blogspot, deviantart, fanfiction
+about your site:-- Mostly it ranges in the daily life of yours trully and I write fics ; sometimes I draw.
+your hobby(s): Reading, telly, stalking. :)
+what you love about Joo Ji-Hoon: Forbiddingly sexy. 
+how you learned about Joo Ji-Hoon: In Goong, his wardrobe malfunction kinda ticked me off at first. (The absurdity of colours) But then, I fell in love with him. JJH is downright sweet and romantic. *swoons*
+how you heard about this community: browse through interest ; goong

LOL. I do hope that he'll come out with more drama(s). I want MOAR ~ ~ ~!!
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01 June 2008 @ 04:44 pm
Seriously, this is quite possibly the most beautifully filmed drama I have ever seen. The lighting and directing are so gorgeous. And best of all, the acting, yo. The acting. Uhm Tae Woong and Joo Ji Hoon do fantastic jobs here. Screencaps and icons of episodes 1 to 5 in my LJ here. A preview: