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30 April 2009 @ 12:59 pm
JJH i'll support YOU  

i know i wasnt been posting things or this community seems to be quiet, last week end a big news shocked the korean entertainment world, because of oppa Joo Ji Hoon admitting that he had taken drugs before, although i am kinda disappointed sorry.. i am not disappointed  rather sad  but we dont know what was the guy's been going through why he had done such things.  And in times like this he needs most our support and prayers for him to recover, we may not know what will happen to him but it is already confirmed that his two birthday fanmeets in japan, the Naked Kitchen movie was all cancelled, tickets that has been sold out was going to be refunded.  The new series that oppa should have starred in is also cancelled, this is really a big blow on his career.

this just only shows that he's human who was made mistakes, but i hope that he can learn something from this situation.  i am here seeking for those who still love and believes our  Joo Ji Hoon.. please join the project of JJH soompi fans...

Message to Ju Ji Hun Project

To those who would like to show support to Ju Ji Hun, you can send us your msgs via -

1. scanned copy of your letter

maximum of 50 words

handwritten, in block letters (no cursive/ no red ink on jjh's name)

your signed nick

your location

size of paper- 3x4 inches

resolution- 100 px

orientation - landscape

photo is optional. if you don't want to send your photo, you can accompany it with a sketch/ drawing.

(if it's too complicated for you, the message and the signed nick will suffice.)

use simple English.

2. if you can't scan, you can type your message on word doc. put in your nick and your location.

no script

no red font on jjh's name

3. email it to :


4. last day of submission will be on May 1, 2009 / 23.59 P.M. gmt+8
any submission done later than the said date may not be accepted.

we will compile the messages together with one general message, then send it directly to jjh's management company just in time for his birthday, on May 16, 2009. we will post the finished product by then, plus the courier's signed form once it reaches its destination.

thanks to all the of JJH SOOMPIER for making this project possible and for more querries about this project simply visit his soompi thread or the hunified forum.



credit to shin of soompi for the banner~~
let all our voices be heard that Joo Ji Hoon is still loved by his fans!!

 thank you!

(Anonymous) on May 26th, 2009 02:45 am (UTC)
Be considerate....
Yah!! for those who still support Ji Hoon oppa, I believe you all do have a more open minded thinking, kind & generous heart... AND for those who still think and feels that Hoon oppa owes his fans an apology or whatsoever, please think... its his life... and he DO NOT OWE FANS anything... He done his job, by acting well and modeling well.. its just a mistake and i think alot of ppl does tat mistake too... So if you feel that Hoon oppa owe you any apology, first of al, do think that, he is already feelin worse than anyone of us as its his life that he has ruin not YOURS!!
You wanna wait till he says 'hello to god' than you will stop and think...?
I still adore him alot. for his modelling, acting and singing(he sang in the show "Naked Kitchen"). As for his private life.. its him to take control and change it.. We, fans & outsiders, I personally feels, have no right to ask for his apology or reprimand him. Only his parents do...
Wanna support, support.. dun ask for anything in return...